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      Car ran into garage door, bent the bottom section and knocked it off the rollers.  Javier was on-time, quickly diagnosed the issue and provided a simple solution at a VERY reasonable price!!  Done in an hour

    thumb Marcus G.

      I've used this company for at least 15 years and am always amazed at their customer service. They've replaced broken springs and repaired any other problem I've had with my door or openers. I just had my 25 year old garage door openers replaced with those new, WiFi types. They spent a lot of time programming our vehicles to the new openers. They are very honest, and don't try to sell you stuff you don't need. I'll never use anyone else.

    thumb Ann S.

      These guys were fabulous when we called about a garage door opener install on our RV garage. They were responsive, timely and everything works perfectly. We asked them to check out our other door and they found the cables were fraying. They had new cables made for our custom height door and were back the next day to install them.

    thumb Jena J.

      I am so impressed, I just moved to Mesa 4 days ago and I was referred to this company since my garage door scared me to death it was so rickety. I worried it would fall on my car or worse!
    I called yesterday and the owner arrived this morning. He assured me both tge door and opener were good quality. I only needed some track wheels replaced and lubed.
    No upsell whatsoever...not even a response that I needed yearly service.
    I am SO impressed...ordered a code pad outside the door and a second control.
    Will only recommend  A Better Garage Door Co. to all my family/Friends...and also myself.
    Hope you call and get affordable, over the top, honest service like I did.
    They are the best! No coupons needed here.

    thumb Sherrie N.

      These guys were referred to me back in 1999 when I had them install an opener on my 3rd door.  Great job, have had them or a couple times to fix some things.  I have referred them numerous times always with good results.

    thumb Robert J.

      I couldn't be happier with the experience I had with this company. From the first contact to the completion of installation, it was a pleasant experience. Fair prices, good product and excellent service. I highly recommend this company and would use again.

    thumb Wayne W.

      We purchased a new home(6/15) and was in need of a garage door company to install a new opener and move the existing opener to another door without one. I contacted three company's for quotes. One company quoted the work over the phone, but said the costs may be  higher once they got there and wouldn't send anyone out unless I agreed to their terms at that time. One company sent someone out and had very high costs. The other was A Better Garage Door Company. I sent them an email, they responded quickly and gave me a quote. I reconfirmed the quote 24 hours later via email and the technician came out on the day/time as promised.

    thumb Steve H.

      Well...Ya know that dreadful feeling when you that loud noise from the Garage?   And you go out there and see that the spring has blown?   Well,  I've had amazing results with A Better Garage Door Company, so it was of course my 1st call.  They said they would work me in the next day and a tech would give me a call.  And by 9am,  I had that call with a 2 hour window of service.   That's pretty amazing for "getting worked in".   Got a call 2 hours later saying he could be early if that was the acceptable.    Javier was the technician who explained what needed to be done, and how he would accomplish it.   He was courteous, efficient, and extremely professional.   Garage door fixed, and he tuned everything and never tried to sell anything more that what was required.  HIGHLY recommend this company for anyone needing garage servicing.

    thumb Jerold L.

      So we just got home from picking up Chinese food, washed our hands, grabbed our forks, took two bites and then......BOOM!!!

    Realizing the house was still standing and the sound came from outside, my husband went to investigate.  Remembering I'd heard it before, I looked at the garage door and saw the two springs were now three!!  It wasn't good, but it could have been worse.  Much worse.  The door could have fallen on the car as we pulled in!!!

    The next morning I called A Better Garage Door explaining my car was stuck in the garage and I needed someone, "today."  Shelli (sp?) said she would check the schedule and call me back.  Two minutes later, "bingo," an appointment between 2 and 4pm.  Thank goodness!!

    Tim arrived around 2:00 and quickly started the job.  Familiar with the reputation of this company from a service call seven years ago, I left Tim in the garage and returned to my own work.  After some time went by, I heard a knock on the door - Tim wanting to show me something.  Of course the first words out of my mouth were "Is it bad?" to which he chuckled and said, "No."  Okay so you know those cables on the sides of the garage door - the ones you don't notice - the same ones you don't care about??  Well ours were terribly frayed, the likes of which Tim said he had never seen!!  After seeing them myself, I realized we dodged another bullet!!

    I'm happy!!  The door's destructive plans were foiled, and the freight train sound is gone!  A "same day" appointment, quality job, reasonable price, and nice people are the reasons I will definitely call A Better Garage Door again.  I will call them exactly seven years from now B-).

    thumb K P.

      These guys are great.  They show up on time, they don't give you the hard upsell, they are professional, quick and nice.  The garage door spring broke on our door.  Unfortunately they couldn't get to us until the next day (this is a small company, there are only 2 technicians, one of whom is the owner), but they were the most reasonably-priced and kept their committment to get out there when they said they'd get there.  They did suggest (and I agreed to) switching from a single spring to a double spring (it's a double garage door) and if I recall the additional cost was only about $40 and the anticipated lifetime goes up by over 50%.  Anyone who can  think beyond tomorrow recognizes a good tradeoff like that.

    Before we found this company, we had tried a few different companies.  We've used them either 4 or 5 times now on 3 different properties.  On the phone, all of the garage door companies sound like they cost is about the same....and EVERY single one of them except these guys tries for a hard upsell into the $500-$700 range once they are there.  These guys are honest, decent, and they shoot straight.  I appreciate people that are willing to do good work for a fair price, don't try to gouge a customer simply because they don't know any better, and just try to be fair and decent to people.  A Better Garage Door Company absolutely fits that bill and they have my loyalty as a customer as a result.

    thumb Erik P.